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What is be Skandi?

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Danish in Canada

I am danish, born in 1990 in Denmark, Copenhagen, I have lived in Canada, Montréal since 2017. Before that, I lived in the USA, NYC for a few months, and England, London for 5 years, which means I have been living abroad since 2010. (Wow) 

What I learned is that even if you love the country you moved to, living abroad makes you realize the values of your home country even more than before.

be Skandi in Canada

As a real Scandinavian, I am a colossal hygge-fan (Hygge=coziness) I believe in living in the moment, and that the most simple things are the most beautiful.
I am here to guide you to a life full of gratitude, coziness, and Scandinavian design. 

Canada is full of immigrants and that is what makes Canada very special in a beautiful way, however, the word “Hygge” is not very famous here. 

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Happy Danish

From a report back in 2019, danish people were the 2nd world’s happiest people…Why is that? Here are some bullet points:

  • Our happiness comes from our way of thinking! For example, the rest of the world thinks it’s crazy that we happily leave our babies in a pram in front of the local cafe, while we have ourselves a medium latte. 

We understand why you would think that, but us Danish trust each other!
Believe it or not, we really do! 

  • We value family and social life more than a career. Some people say the danish has a great balance when it comes to work and personal life.
  • “Hygge” we are huge fans of knit socks and fireplace with some good friends! 
  • We also…Oh, wait! I better stop myself before I go on and on!

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be Skandi Mission

My BIGGEST dream is to inspire you, who love or have an interest in the Scandinavian design and lifestyle, to let your inner Skandi out in the free!

I will guide you to live a more positive life. parenting, social life, home interior, food (Eat out AND eat-in.) See me as your Skandi coach! 🙂 

I am extremely excited about you joining me at Be Skandi!


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