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Zenia February 17, 2023

Choosing Montreal: Moving to Canada

It's been quite some time since I made the choice to leave to my...

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Zenia February 14, 2023

Danish Parenting

Explore the unique approach of Danish parenting, something that has always fascinated me as...

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Zenia February 9, 2023

Top 3 Scandinavian Spas

Discover the hidden gem of Canada's thriving Scandinavian spa culture with me! I never...

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Zenia February 7, 2023

Overcoming Homesickness

Overcoming Homesickness is a common challenge. As a Dane living in Canada, I have...

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Zenia February 3, 2023

Latest Trends: Scandinavian Design 2023

Discover the Latest Trends in Scandinavian Design for 2023! As a Danish woman and...

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Zenia January 30, 2023

New Mom: Hygge & Mindfulness

Don't neglect your well-being as a new mom, prioritize self-care with the tips shared...

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Zenia December 11, 2022

5 tips on how to create a Hygge home office

Hey there fellow Hygge-lovers! Working from the comfort of your own home can be...

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Zenia December 21, 2022

New Year, New You: 6 Tips for Setting and Achieving Your Goals

New year's resolutions are a great way to set goals and start the year...

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