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Your happy place

Zenia June 12, 2021 0 comments

Do you ever feel like stress is taking over like a winter storm? But don’t worry, I have the solution for you – your Happy Place! With all that is happening in the world, it’s important to have a safe haven, a place where you can let go of your worries and just be.

In Scandinavia, we have a saying: “to pull the plug”. This means taking a break, stopping for a moment and allowing yourself to forget about what’s worrying you. This isn’t about giving up, it’s about giving yourself a chance to recharge. You can come back to your worries later, whether it’s in a week, a month or even a year. But for now, let’s focus on living the life we deserve, one filled with joy and happiness.

I understand that some of your worries may be quite serious, like health issues, financial problems, or the fear of the unknown. But worrying about them won’t change the situation. In fact, it will only make it worse. So, change your perspective, head to your Happy Place and start living the life you deserve, a life filled with positivity and happiness.

“Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.”

Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart


A protective brain

Worrying is the worst, ain’t it? It’s like our brains decide to play a prank on us and suddenly we’re drowning in anxiety and sadness. But here’s the thing, worrying doesn’t make us feel better, it just happens. And once it starts, it’s tough to stop.

But, our brains are just trying to help us by making us think about the worst-case scenarios. It thinks that by worrying, we can prevent bad things from happening. But the future isn’t real, the present is. By focusing on what might happen, we’re taking away our happiness in the here and now.

So, ask yourself: “Will worrying solve my problems?” If the answer is no, it’s time to put the worry aside and enjoy the moment. And if you find that talking about your worries helps, then maybe a worry journal is just what you need

click here to read more.)

“Think about every good thing in your life right now. Free yourself of worrying. Let go of the anxiety, breathe. Stay positive, all is well.”

― Germany Kent

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Your 2nd thought

So, now that you know worrying won’t solve anything, let’s talk about how to stop it. It’s all about your second thought. You can’t control your first thought, it just pops up and that’s that. But you can control what you do next. When that first thought arrives, just acknowledge it and say, “Hello there! It’s okay that you’re here, but it’s time to go.” Don’t fight your first thought, just accept it and move on.

Remember, everyone worries sometimes, but it’s important not to let it take over. Let your second thought take charge! And trust us, it’s impossible to think about two things at the same time. Try it, I dare you!

Read about our two minds here


Breath in and breathe out

Ditch the worries and hello to your happy place! Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and count to 10. Now, imagine yourself in a place where you feel calm and relaxed. It can be a beach with white sand and a blue ocean, or a mountain top with green grass and big puffy trees. See a box filled with your worries and throw them away, let them sink into the ocean or fall down the mountain. Stay in your happy place for as long as you want, then open your eyes feeling refreshed. Practice this whenever worry takes over and feel the joy of worry-free freedom. Embrace the silliness, it works!

People who have a happy place will have mental stability, an oasis, ultimately helping them take back their lives.

― Sayed Ahmed

Let's break it down

Let’s summarize. This blog discussed ways to tackle worry and stress, which are common feelings during these challenging times. We explained that our brain worries to try to prevent bad things from happening, but this often steals our happiness in the present. To overcome worry, we need to practice accepting our first thought and replacing it with a happy place visualization. This can be done by taking deep breaths, imagining a place that brings us joy, and visualizing our worries being thrown away. The goal is to not let worry take over our lives and enjoy a happier, more relaxed life. Give it a try and see how it improves your mental wellbeing.

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