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Scandinavian bedroom makeover on a budget

Zenia January 8, 2021 0 comments

Do you know how many hours you spend in your bedroom per day? Maybe more than you think.

Because most of us spend so much time there, I strongly believe we all deserve a stunning inviting room! Giving your room a makeover doesn’t mean “spending a lot of money” It can be done inexpensively and super easy.

Why is your bedroom important?

Your bedroom is your getaway and therefore, in a way, the most important room of them all!

It’s where you rest, where you wake up to a new beginning and allow yourself to focus on yourself and positiveness.??‍♀️

So why not give your room the makeover it deserves!

Let’s begin!

be skandi makeover room bedroom scandinavian


Natural light is the key! Think with a minimalist mindset. Go back in time, away from electricity and technology.

Some white curtains. will bring the natural light in, because they help reflect the light in the room☀️

The Scandinavian style is all about minimalist and natural objects.

I personally love a nightlamp that is made out of wood! It looks hyggeligt (Hyggeligt is a danish word for cozy, you can read more on my blogpost “The secret about hygge“}❤️

be skandi plants makeover room bedroom scandinavian paint art


Scandinavian isn’t about perfection, it’s closer to the opposite., so why not make your own art??

Get some blank canvas some Acrylic Paint and start creating your own art. Burn some candlelight and enjoy the painting process.  

Having art on the walls is not a must to achieve the Scandinavian bedroom look! but, I think homemade art is a great and fun way to give your walls a makeover!

be skandi plants makeover room bedroom scandinavian


Mid-century modern-looking furniture is a must-have! Look for Naturel material, skinny straight legs, and simple design.

 If you are sharing your bedroom with your partner, my best advice is, to not pair your furniture.

Mixing it up makes it look more effortless and unique.?

I love the one in IKEA called NORDISKA or this one from Amazon. 

dog be skandi plants makeover room bedroom scandinavian


When you want to give your bedroom a makeover, adding or changing your pillowcases can make a major difference! Besides that, they can be very budget-friendly.?

Don’t be afraid to use some graphic like this cute pillowcase from IKEA  

Talking about pillows, your bedding, blankets, and carpet, etc. should also be in light cold colors. This will also reflect the natural light from the window(s).

Seriously, that was one of my best tips! 

be skandi plants makeover room bedroom scandinavian


Plants are the cherry on the top of the cake! It makes it looks inviting, elegant, and stunning.?

Yes, they can be a bit expensive, so to stay within budget, I would recommend buying them at IKEA

My two favorite kinds of plants are philodendron or golden pathos. Fake plants are a great alternative if you are an unintentional plant murder

Let’s break it down! 

Giving your Scandinavian home a makeover doesn’t mean that you need to empty your saving. In fact, it can be very inexpensive or even free. 

Remember, Scandinavian home design is about minimalism, nature, hygge, and charm. Let me know if you have any other inexpensive ideas for a bedroom makeover?

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you soon here on be Skandi 🙂

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