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The secret about hygge

Zenia January 6, 2021 8 comments

Hygge is a danish word, similar to “coziness” or “ Wellbeing” in this blog I will share the secret about hygge

When I first saw a poster in a Canadian shop, with the word “hygge” I thought to myself, “that is weird!” I was pretty confused. Why would a Canadian person hang a danish word as “hygge” on their walls? 

Slowly I started to realize why. The Danish Way of living was something that Americans, and other countries, started to show their interest in. Did you know that the book named “The little book of hygge” by Meik Wiking, was sold in 26 countries? 

if you are interested in the Scandinavia lifestyle, I would strongly recommend reading the book. Click on the link  The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well

But, if you want to know what might be the most important secret about hygge, then keep reading!

What is “Hygge”?

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A part of the Dane’s DNA. The word Hygge has no direct translation. The best description is “a nice atmosphere” Some people say It’s togetherness, relaxation, and the feeling of being comfy. 

Even though it isn’t about things you can buy, the Danes still like to light candlelight, to create a more “Hygge” atmosphere. Of course, you can’t force it to be hygge, just like you can’t force someone to love you. You can give it a try, and charm your way in, but I’m pretty sure you know as well I, that you wouldn’t succeed.

I remember the feeling of “Hygge” as a child in the 90s. My sister and I would lay in bed, and my grandmum came up to us to sing a goodnight song. 

She kissed our faces and told us that she loved us. That feeling of love, warmness, being tucked in the bed and singing, was the best hygge feeling ever! You are in the moment, cause there is nowhere else you rather be. 

Your hygge, isn't mine

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You and I do not  “hygge” the same way. You cannot copy someone else’s hygge and believe that it will bring the same feeling to you. Sure, most of us enjoy some music or hot chocolate. We are all different human beings. We can never know if an event will be “Hygge” in advance. 

Some people love a beer, some, a cup of tea, others like to be with people, and some likes to be alone, etc.

it’s about what YOU think is comfy, nice, or relaxing. You cant follow a guide, you can only follow your heart (I know how cheesy it sounds, but it’s the truth ?.)

Think for a moment…When was the last time you felt hygge? Did you plan it in advance or did it just happen? And when I say “it” I mean the hygge, and not the event itself.

I am guessing you didn’t plan it. Hygge can be at any moment and doesn’t require more than you want it to! Isn’t that nice? The best feeling in the world is totally free.

“Hygge” isn't from Scandinavia?

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Okay, the secret about hygge is…It isn’t actually created in Scandinavia. I know! What! We created the word, but we didn’t create the feeling. I am sure you and anyone else, can think of a warm cozy time, where you felt loved, or comfy. Maybe even at this very moment, while you are reading my blog! 

This is the truth, even though it hurts my Scandinavia heart to say it.?

You might ask, if Danes didn’t create “Hygge” why are they famous for the concept of being comfy and cozy? Well, the rest of the world also knows about freedom, but the Americans are famous for that concept, as Meik Wiking points out in his book.

Danes are great in hygge! 

The secret about hygge is not only that, danish people sometimes take too much honor of the concept (Including myself! I am sorry!) its also the “key” to hygge. You are the only one who knows how you hygge the best!

Are Danes better in hygge? I don’t believe we are. But, Danes want hygge everywhere, and we LOVE it when homes are looking “hygge” I hope you will enjoy the blog post I wrote with 5 tips on how to create a Hygge home office

Imagine that I told you to focus on your budget for a few years. After 1-2 years, you would start to know a thing or two about saving your money, how to create a budget plan, etc. Your whole world would be about your budget.

That is the same for Danes. They are born into the importance of “Hygge” but it doesn’t mean that you didn’t already know how to do it.

Awareness of hygge

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The secret to “Hygge” is to be aware of it. That’s really it! 

In Denmark, we use the word “Hygge” more than any other word. We mention it even before the event. We would say “It will be so hyggeligt next weekend…” We also say things like “Hyg you!” which means “have a cozy time” typically said when we wish someone to enjoy their time if they are leaving for an event. 

Here are some examples: 

  • “It was hyggeligt see/talk with you” When you spoke with someone after a while of not speaking/meeting. 
  • “I had a hyggelig time the other day!” When you had a good time. 
  • “Hygge clothes” Typically jogging pants or other warm clothes. 
  • “Hygge mad” When you eat some sweets. 
  • “Hygge corner”  When you sit in a corner, it can at the corner of your sofa, etc. 
  • “Uhyggeligt” When something is scary. 


Danes think of hygge almost all the time, e.g., my everyday hygge is to make my coffee in the morning, take my blanket, and read a chapter in my book. 

I love the time with my coffee in the morning, and I don’t mind waking up a bit earlier, to have that time! 

You have to be aware of what makes you feel good/happy/comfy and then prioritize it. 

Give yourself time to hygge once a day. ❤️

Let’s break it down!

Hygge is a Danish way of living. it’s about gratitude, comfy, coziness, and a nice/warm atmosphere. 

We all know how to “Hygge” and we have all done it. People in Scandinavia are aware of the atmosphere and speaks a lot about it. Hygge is about pleasure, calm, simple stuff like a warm drink, candlelights, good company, warm blankets, or whatever you like. 

Hygge is about you, and only you can know what is hygge for you. ?


  1. Nicki

    Sounds so nice.. i love to wake up in the morning before the kids, making me a cup of coffee, light up a candle and just have a moment to myself. That sounds a lot like i already practice scandinavian hygge ❤️ Wish I could have moments like i have in the morning throughout the day ☺️

    • Zenia

      Hej Nicki! Thank you for your comment! It sounds like you are already a master of the concepts of “Hygge” Nothing better than a moment for yourself! ❤️

  2. Cedric Noronha

    Very good post about the secret of hygge. Highly informative and nicely written. Keep up the good work.

  3. This is the first time I heard about Hygge. It is really interesting to learn about this. Thank you. ?

  4. Nice article. Keep up the good work.

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